Tuesday, February 26, 2008

When i wake up !

You see a happy me when i wake up in the morning.

Jie Jie & Me !

Deep Freezer

Papa purposely got this deep freezer for mommy to store milk.............. It's so "kua zhang" rite???? Yes mommy is a COW !

Uncle Yiau Yi & Jie Jie Rayen

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Car Seat

Thank you uncle yy & aunt lynn for the car seat. Feel nice sleeping inside leh....................

2 Month's Old

10 Dec 2007

Monday morning (10122007) wake up tummy pain. Oh no.............. is it because i want to poo poo or baby coming out? Went toilet and managed to do my business but........ 9am tummy pain again.

9am : papa my tummy pain liao leh, not sure is it going to deliver soon? shall we go down TMC?

9.15am : papa think u faster go shower and get ready. I call up Dr Tan while and my mom to come over and fetch kerris back to her place.

9.30am : papa can u faster abit dun shit and shower so long leh. i very pain leh. finally we stepped out of the house and on the way to TMC

10am : reach TMC and saw Dr Tan, dilated 3cm. Oh Dr Tan break my water bag and i have to sit on wheelchair to the delivery suite.

10.15am till 11.30am : pain ! pain ! pain ! while waiting for epidural. why not here yet????? u can see my thirty five cent face above. ha ha ha lucky never damage the bed man

11.30am : finally got my epidural but think too late cause baby wan to come out liao. papa where did u go???? (oh nurse ask him go drink coffee and come back half an hour later)

11.30am till 12.02pm : before epidual can take effect, (nurse say dun push dun push) but cannot.............. it's not i wan to push but somehow i keep pushing. this moment lucky papa came back on time and he still dun know whats going on till Dr ask him to support me cause baby coming out anytime. only then he faster get ready himself and the camera. (push! push!) wa....... wa.........wa......... wa.........oh no ! ! ! ! my baby out liao......

Time : 12.02pm, weight : 3.54kg, Head : 33cm, Length : 49cm